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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Cool Christmas Jobs

The festive season has officially arrived. The hats and gloves are out and hot chocolate and mulled wine has become the drink of choice. For many, earning a little extra money over the festive period helps spread the cost, but unlike other seasonal jobs, seasonal jobs at Christmas can be a whole lot of fun!

If you’re looking to have some fun and earn an extra income check out these cool Christmas jobs.

Father Christmas

Santa is needed in multiple places all at once in December and obviously, can’t be in
different places at once (he only gets the magic of his sleigh on Christmas Eve), so he requires a whole hoard of Santa helpers.

So if you can stay in character and are good with children, this could be the job for you. From shopping centres and garden centres to schools and events Santa is a wanted man in December.


Similarly to Santa, elves are in high demand in December. Often required as shop
assistants, toy makers and present wrappers, if you’re good with kids, people and a bit creative this could be the role for you!

Reindeer Walker

What’s more festive than a trip to visit Father Christmas with his reindeer? Well if you’re an animal lover you could be the one looking after the reindeer, including feeding, cleaning and walking the four legged animals. You may also help in the transportation to and from different events.

Present Wrapper

Many shops offer a gift wrapping service which gets particularly busy at this time of year, enter present wrappers. For this role, you’ll ideally be able to neatly wrap and decorate gifts of all different sizes and shapes. Think of a beautifully wrapped football, if that fills you with joy this may be a role you should consider, if it fills you with dread maybe keep reading.

Tree Decorator

Tree decorators are in demand both commercially and privately. Commercial trees, for example in town squares or shopping centres, require decorating, but these trees are often very tall, so be prepared for height. Individuals also employ companies to deck out their homes in full festive decor.

Light Untangler

If you enjoy the task of untangling the Christmas lights, this one’s for you. You may think we’re joking, but Tesco hired a student in 2015 for this exact task. For many, the bain of decorating the tree comes from untangling the lights, so you’re there to solve these issues and spread festive light.

Ice Rink Hand Holder

On the run up to Christmas, temporary ice rinks are a popular addition in many city centres and literally anybody can strap on a pair of skates and hit the ice. Unfortunately not everybody can actually skate. So ‘Ice Marshalls’ have to go above and beyond simply handing out skates… If you need a helping hand the ice rink hand-holders have specifically been hired to give you theirs.

Christmas Cracker Joke Writer

Although kind of niche, it’s one of those things where you pull a cracker and think “Who writes these things?!”. Year on year we’re graced with the same jokes over and over. Why not bring some originality to the role and become a cracker joke writer? If you’re a bit of a wordsmith, it could be an avenue into a career that you love.

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